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Community Spotlight: Gabriel Torres

Get to know your BKB Community! Gabriel Torres has been nominated by BKB Team Member, Max

“I see Gabe at the gym probably 3 times a week, and he’s always psyching other climbers up! He’s a super strong climber but doesn’t spit beta at other climbers. Instead, he is sensitive to the discovery and individual problem solving part of climbing, a very positive characteristic..I would say he is a very important part of the BKB Somerville community!”

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What do you do and how did you end up at BKB?

Gabe: I’m the Director of Business Development at a consulting group that helps families and individuals who are struggling with behavioral health issues (addiction, mental illness, and eating disorders). What I really love to do is help people build healthy, passionate lives in recovery.

I found BKB like a lot of other people…I love shiny sexy gear and I joined BKB because it is the shiniest sexiest climbing gym in Somerville, where I live. A sweet gym is an essential piece of gear for any urban climber.

When did you start climbing?

Gabe: I started climbing Trad in 2007. My love/addiction with Bouldering started about 4 years ago, and I’m obsessed with it! I think sport climbing is for weenies but I do it because I’m super susceptible to peer pressure.

Why do you rock climb?

Gabe: I usually say I’m trying to “climb the darkness away” but that’s mostly a joke.
I climb because it’s fun and for me it’s a great way to learn about life. Climbing reminds me to stay in the moment and breathe. Trying hard and failing (which is mostly what we do while climbing) helps to keep me humble while teaching me about perseverance, commitment and patience. Climbing and being around climbers is inspiring to say the least and the rush that comes when you top out a long standing, hard-worked problem is unlike any high I’ve ever experienced (and I’ve experienced a lot of highs). Also it’s are everywhere so why wouldn’t you climb?

Where did you last travel to?

Gabe: I travel a lot for work, all over the country, but my last fun trip was to Puerto Rico early this summer and my last climbing trip was to Joe’s Valley last fall.

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