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Community Spotlight: Dan Ziv, Photographer

Get to know your BKB Community. One of the best things about Brooklyn is the diversity: you’ll meet all walks of life from all over the world – and they’re usually up to something interesting.

Meet Dan Ziv, a Brooklyn Boulders member and photographer. You can check out more of his work here.

dan ziv

Where are you from and how did you get to Brooklyn?
I was born in israel and moved to New Jersey when I was very young. I left New Jersey after high school to live in Ithaca, NY, then two years later returned to Jersey to pursue my career as a Fine Artist. While living in Jersey City I realized Brooklyn was where everything was “happening, so Brooklyn it was. I am currently living in Bushwick.

What interests you about photography?
People, light, environment, the ability to tell a story through images and my favorite, nostalgia.

When did you start rock climbing?
I’ve rock climbed a few times when I was young, at summer camp but nothing serious. I went to Joshua tree in march and fell in love with bouldering, when I moved to Brooklyn in April I visited a few rock gyms and I fell in love with BKB.

How do you think rock climbing affects your life?
It fuels my creativity but exercising my mind and body. Few things are more stimulating than rock climbing.

What’s your favorite thing about BKB?
Extremely friendly and helpful staff, when I hurt my dislocated my elbow they did everything in their power to comfort me. I love the sense of community in the gym, if you can’t solve a puzzle there is usually somebody in close proximity willing to coach you.

I asked him to take a few shots around his favorite parts of Brooklyn Boulders post-injury. It was a sunny day in summer, and fascinating to see how his photos came out so differently from what I saw that day, highlighting his personal interpretation of climbing. Here are some shots of BKB staff members Luke, Sarah & Pieter climbing:Sarah

Sarah, climbing on the Beast.

LUKE. best

Luke, Head of Instruction, climbing.


Pieter, on the Beast.


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