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Community Spotlight: BKB Team Member Omercan Sakar

BKB Community Spotlight: Omercan Sakar– climber, artist, musician.

Star of Brooklyn Boulders’ Climbing Bridges: the Story of Omercan, Omer’s creative spirit and charisma has been a welcome mainstay of the Brooklyn Boulders community. He’s been an amazing part of the team that built Brooklyn Boulders Original Gowanus into what it is today. Today, you’ll see him in a team tee at BKBQB! Read on to learn more about Omer’s Renaissance spirit!


What are your favorite creative outlets?
I’m a detailed oriented guy, so I kind of analyze everything. I’m trying to slow that down, but it gives me so much inspiration. And we live in Brooklyn, New York— there’s so much going on. And i’m from turkey— and there’s so much going on over there which affects me so much, because I’m emotional. So. I guess, life itself. Right now. Let me put it that way.

What gives you the most inspiration?
I guess… humanity. But not because we’re doing great, but because we’re doing badly There are still good people doing good so they can show the other people that there is still good, and it can be powerful. We need to create. That’s what I believe. For humanity. If everybody was doing some kind of craft or something, the world would be a better place.  

I wanna do stuff, there’s not enough time to do all of them. All the humanity and everything bad in the world inspires me to do better, and do what I can do best. I grew up in a pretty liberal family, and there’s a lot of stuff that’s happening in my country— we lost our republic state. I’m at a loss right now. But what I wanted to say is: trying so much to change lots of things in the world didn’t work. We can’t come together. We make it so complicated and complex, and that kind of takes us back.


How does climbing and working at BKB fit into your creative lifestyle? How does climbing fit into your life right now?

It’s amazing for me to be here right now in a new place, with nice, new people. It’s hard to find.  So in the sense of being happy in life, climbing helps a lot. Being here helps a lot right now. Being in this community, being with these people around me, always pushed me to do more. It’s colorful, it’s happy, we see more smiling faces than you can see anywhere in New York. It’s a fun place to be— it inspires you every day because there’s always new people to see— it’s active. There’s action here. It’s always fun, it’s always inspiring. Having the climber mindset is: you need to be creative, you need to solve the problem and climb. Climber is a problem solver— we fix things, we build things.

omer drum
Omer’s handmade drum. He wood-burned the wood himself.

Can  you list all your creative outlets?

I design a lot of stuff— right now my specialty are drums. I started designing drums— it’s been 2 and a half months. I made my 6th yesterday. I’m trying to do something different, something all handmade. I want to make one-piece drums.

I draw a lot, I draw all the time. I compose music, I’m a drummer. I have a gig tomorrow night*. Every week at Nublu. since I started wood-burning on the snares, I started doing little drawings on wood chip pendants. And I work and I bartend… I work at Brooklyn Boulders and I have two cats.


Take a look at Omer’s craftsmanship at
For any handmade items, particularly custom drums, drum repair, refinish, and more, email Omer here. 
Omer’s music:

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