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Our New Collaborative Workspace

Collaborative Workspace:

The Active Collaborative WorkspaceAs we continue to blur the lines between work, life, and play, we’ll need to give you a dedicated space to do that. Our own Collaborative Workspace located upstairs above our signature bouldering wall was specifically designed with that ideal in mind.
If you’re looking to break the mold of the everyday cubicle and get inspired by interacting with others and staying fit, our collaborative workspace is just the place for you. Hand-stands, yoga breaks, pull-up competitions, hack-a-thons, and startup challenges are all common occurrences. When it’s not in use for an event, the space is open to anyone in the facility.

The current amenities include:

8 standing desks with pull-up bar
A central shared conference table
8 standard desks
3 standing tables
A cushioned bench
Electrical Outlets
Complimentary WiFi

Yoga Balls and Monkeys

IdeaPaint, dip bars, and two treadmill desks are coming soon and whether you are a member or come in on a day pass, the space is an amenity for you to enjoy. Grab a coffee, have a group meeting, take a climbing break, and come back to put the finishing touches on that beautiful spreadsheet.
The Cambridge Innovation Center has been an amazing partner to have on board. They have provided incredible insight into the “do’s” and “don’ts” of designing a collaborative space and have continued to help us experiment with this exciting concept. So the next time you find yourself needing a break from the office or those piles of busy work use your membership or purchase a day pass at Brooklyn Boulders Somerville and come check out what our Collaborative Workspace has to offer.

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