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Ashima For Gold: Climbing Olympics 2020 in Tokyo!?

Climbing in the Olympics. It’s happening in 2020 at Tokyo, and we’re rooting for Ashima for Gold.

In case you don’t follow Ashima on Facebook, climbing Olympics 2020 will soon (hopefully) be a reality:

climbing will be in the#2020olympics in‪#‎Tokyo‬!!!!!!! THANK YOU to all of the athletes and THE WHOLE CLIMBING COMMUNITY for the hard work you put into for this to happen!!! @stonerideryuji @noguchi_akiyo My dream was to one day compete in the Olympics as a rock climber since day 1 of my climbing journey. I will work hard to realize that dream! @olympics ‪#‎climbingolympics‬

 Ashima has been climbing at BKBOG since 09/09/09… and we can’t wait to root for her to realize her Olympic dream. Check out what other sports Tokyo is recommending for the 2020 Olympics here. #ashimaforgold
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