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Climbing To Cure Cancer

In times of hardship I climb mountains. Not to run from problems, but to look down and face them all at once. – Journal No.4



Commitments should never be taken lightly. They are not “maybes” or “feel-likes”, but solemn obligations which bind an individual, or group of individuals, to a purpose or cause.

The value of a commitment is equal to the dedication and execution behind it. Through times where willpower begins to falter, and hope becomes constricted by stress and fatigue, an outside source may be required for encouragement.

It is with the added strength of this bond that a proverbial light burns bright, shedding darkness and doubt even in dire situations.   There is nothing which demonstrates dedication and commitment better than the Loos family, who rose above and beyond after Rhyan was diagnosed with an aggressive form of bone cancer called Neuroblastoma at age 5.

“Rhyan was “in remission” Summer 2016 while she moved on to antibody therapy. After undergoing six rounds of that, she relapsed in the brain on Thanksgiving Day, 2016.” Rhyan required treatment at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City to get her back into remission. The Loos, who live in Missouri, were once again faced with a challenge that only the willpower of a family could muster. Rhyan and her mother Jen, made the trip to New York, leaving the comfort of their home and loved ones. Brad, Rhyan’s father and basketball coach of the University of Missouri, had to remain on the homefront to work and look after their other two children.article-images-rallyforrhyan1


Ordeals like this can bring the strongest of us to our knees – but not the Loos. After an intense brain surgery followed by months of treatment, Rhyan has been discharged from Sloan Kettering as of February 1st. Today, Rhyan, is at Ronald McDonald House, where she must undergo further treatment and radiation therapy. She and her family will be traveling back and forth from Missouri over the course of the next five to six months until Rhyan is cancer free. A story like this is truly an inspiration, and the Loos have taken a step in helping other families whose children are fighting pediatric cancer, as well.


Climbing For Rhyan

This March, I am thru-hiking New Hampshire’s Presidential Traverse to help raise money and support for Rhyan Loos, and other families fighting similar battles. The route is 24 miles long and consists of 10 mountains, one of which is Mt. Washington. I encourage you to help me raise money for this cause, and bring hope to those who need it most.

Please help by visiting Rhyan’s website to make a donation in any amount (no amount is too small!)



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