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Friction Labs

Friction Labs At-Home Training: Yoga Series

Friction Labs At-Home Training: Yoga Series

Latest news got your hands sweating? Calm down and chalk up. Beginning this month we are teaming up with the champions of chalk, Friction Labs, and their world-class athlete team to bring you climbing-related articles. We’ll break them down for you into little chunks of TL;DR for you to dip into, with links to the complete articles if you’re ready to go full send. Now there’s some good news.

With our facilities closed for the time being we thought we’d kick off this collaboration with some articles on at-home training. While one of the most important things you can do to improve your climbing is to climb, it is certainly not the only thing you can do.

Case-in-point, this Yoga for Climbers series. In it, Erin Ayla presents three climber-targeted practices that will strengthen your shoulders, help you into a handstand, and introduce you to dynamic fascial training. It’s so much more than down dog and namaste. Some call it quarantine, we consider it more of a “forced rest.”

Yoga for Climbers Part 1: Healthy Shoulders

Yoga for Climbers Part 2: Handstands

Yoga for Climbers Part 3: Fascial Training

Too short; want more? Read the original post in its entirety on the Friction Labs blog.
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