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Celebrate BKBDay 10

Big news, BKB: We are turning TEN on September 9, 2019!

From our inception as a Facebook group titled “NYC needs a climbing gym” to opening in the old Daily News garage in Brooklyn 2009, Brooklyn Boulders has grown to three cities and four facilities (plus BKBX) in the last ten years. Our glow up story comprises growing from 10 to 350+ team members, founding BKBF which includes Adaptive Climbing Group (the largest adaptive climbing program in the US), and welcoming over 590,000+ visitors into our facilities just in 2018 alone.

To celebrate this milestone, we’re celebrating TEN in all four facilities together- and it wouldn’t be a party without YOU.

You’re invited:

Friday, September 6


Gowanus | 7- 11pm

Featuring: Do or Dyno competition, CLIF hat press benefitting ACG, Live tattooing, Special cocktails by Hudson Whiskey, BKBWild and BioLite presents s’mores, Live set by On the Sun, music, drinks, and dancing

Get tickets for Gowanus here »


Somerville | 7- 11pm

Featuring: Campfire story slam presented by Arc’Teryx + Massmouth, Video time capsule, Auto belay dyno challenge, Vendor village, BKBX + BKBWild stations, Build your own trail mix bar, music, drinks, and dancing

Get tickets for Somerville here »


Chicago | 6 – 11pm

Featuring: Beer yoga, Xena the two toed sloth, Do or Dyno competition, Tarot card reading, Polaroid time capsule, Live tattooing, BKBWild’s campfire s’mores, CLIF hat press benefitting ACG, music, drinks, and dancing

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Saturday, September 7

Queensbridge | 6 – 11pm

Featuring: Beer yoga, Do or Dyno competition, BKBWild + BioLite present s’mores, Live tattooing, Nomad Bazaar’s vendor village, Karaoke lounge, CLIF hat press benefitting ACG, music, drinks, and dancing

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For us, it’s pretty simple. We know there is more than one way to climb a route. There is more than one way to solve a bouldering problem. And there is more than one way to live, love, and adventure.

camp bkbx

Camp BKB(x)

Brooklyn Boulders and American Alpine Club are teaming up to bring you Camp BKB(x), a nationwide event that blends indoor climbing with the great outdoors.

Meet Queensbridge’s BKBeasts!

Ever wonder what goes on in the minds of our kid crushers? We asked the members of the BKB Queensbridge team about their introduction to climbing, their tips for beginners, and  their methods for beating nerves before competitions.
Want to see our kids’ training in action? Come check them out during our USA Climbing Youth Local competition at Brooklyn Boulders Queensbridge on March 17. You can also compete yourself during the adult Spring Crush comp that evening.

Livy Malko, 12 years old.


When did you first start climbing?

I started climbing when I was eight or nine.

What got you interested in rock climbing?

I went to a [rock climbing] birthday party and after I took some classes. I joined a team, and then I did competitions.

What is it about rock climbing that you like or enjoy?

I like that it’s not just one thing that you’re doing over and over again like kicking a ball. There are different moves every time and it’s really fun.

How often do you train as a competitive climber?

Three times a week, sometimes more, occasionally less.

What motivates you to train or climb hard?

My competitors and my mentors.

Who would you say is your biggest role model?

Margo Hayes.

Do you ever get nervous during competitions? What are some strategies you have to make yourself less nervous?

I get really nervous. I usually take a few deep breaths and try to calm myself down and I try not think about it too much.

If you could give any tip for a new climber, what would it be?

You’re supposed to fall.


Will Moss, 13 years old.


How long have you been climbing?

 I’ve been climbing for about three years.

What got you interested in rock climbing?

I’m not sure. I just went to a climbing gym one day and I really liked it.

What do you think is the hardest thing about climbing?

 I guess when there’s a hard climb and you really want to get it. You just keep falling, and you’re so close.

 What’s the best thing about being on a climbing team like the one here at BKB?

There are a lot of good coaches and other people you can project climbs with.

What motivates you to try really hard?

I just like climbing a lot and I have fun so I try hard. Because I want to send it.

What is your favorite style of climbing?

Upside down. Like in the Cave.

Do you have any tips for beginner climbers?

Think about the long run and don’t climb too much. I hurt my shoulder climbing too much. Don’t climb so much that you’ll injure yourself.

Do you have a climbing role model?

Yeah, Chris Sharma. He started climbing when he was 12 years old. Then he went into sport climbing, and now he’s a gym owner, which I want to do. Basically, I want to do everything he did.

Matthew Fisher, 14 years old.


At what age did you start climbing?

When I was about 12.

What got you interested in climbing?

My brother, Will, did a summer camp at BKB Gowanus. Then I went along with him once a week. Then someone asked me to join the team. I got really psyched on climbing.

What is your favorite thing about climbing?

It’s never the same. You can always be working on different things; there’s different types of walls and different types of holds, and so many different styles.

If you had to pick a favorite type of climbing what would it be?

I like powerful stuff with big moves because it kind of feels like I’m flying. I like to jump to things. It feels really good when you jump and you don’t think you’re going to catch something but then you do. It makes me feel really strong.

What’s your favorite part about being on the team?

All the people that try to help me and support me. When I’m not motivated they try to get me psyched.

What motivates you to try really hard?

Just like thinking about climbing and watching other people succeed makes me want to be better and try harder.

What are your strategies to fight nerves during competitions?

I just try to breathe deeply and imagine myself finishing the climb. I always end up putting a lot of chalk on.

Do you have any tips for new climbers?

Just … have fun, I guess!

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