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BKBeasts are going to nationals!

Two of QB’s own BKBeasts, Livy and Sam Molko, are proceeding to USA Climbing Youth Sport Nationals in July. We caught up with them after their Divisionals competition to ask what it means to them and how they interact in the sport of climbing.

Spring Crush Top Rope Climbing Competition at Brooklyn Boulders Queensbridge 3/1718

The luck of the Irish was in the air at BKB QB on St. Patricks Day during our Spring Crush Top Rope climbing competition. Lots of smiles, sends and friends! Check out the full list of competitor rankings below. How did you do?! Check out the full photo album on our Facebook page and don’t forget to tag yourself and your friends.

Brooke Weil
Taylor Nystrom
Frankie Caiazzo
Kade Diakite
Kelsey Wittels
Kylie Sale
Molly Walters
Angela Chang
Ashley Chen
Lucienda Chung
Karen Grace
Steph Lee
Maria Schwarz
Lois Tsui
Jacki Santiago
Morgan Li
Marissa Dubin
Zhenya Gu
Grace Limantara
Sara Rubin
Sonya Nygard
Amy Lai
Mary Weatherburn
Mckenna Shaw
Lana Lai
Giovanna Qu
Wenyang Shi
Carina Finn
Dayna Harris
Kayleigh Sacco
Samantha Wong
Allison Murphy
Tiffani Teng
Sonya Kapoor
Emily Gray
Lindsay Saldivar
Kayla Bressi
Elyssa Liu
Whitney Eden
Jane Rosales
Molly MacLeod
Caitlin Michelle
Denny Kouska
Meaghan Pereiras
Emily Seelenfruend
Samantha Szeto
Rachel Fagiano

AJ Peak
Matt Shapiro
John Soo Hoo
Alex Martsynkevich
Brian Slepian
Mark Bungeroth
Erik Knall
Ben Zang
Dillen Roggensinger
Eugene Wu
Joseph Agudelo
Jesse Rice
Chris Barr
Ho Yin Cheng
Candida Santana
Sean Paddock
LB Edwards
John Ho
Matt Wong
Phillip Kaminski
Ben Asriel
Andrew Lohmann
Justin Volz
Martin Kim
Romeo Van Bree
J. Hui
Nick Stanley
Geo Seery


Nicola Masciandaro
Stephen Sollins
Jacob Kopas
Hiroki Sakamoto
Hugh Eakin
Terrence McGovern
Adam Payne

Why BKBeastmode?

Humans are social animals. With partners, we are able to develop bold strategies and consistent execution. We see their weaknesses as our strengths and we see their fortitude in our flaws.

We are able to climb harder. Think faster. Endure longer. We are stronger together.

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