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Camp BKB(x)

Brooklyn Boulders and American Alpine Club are teaming up to bring you Camp BKB(x), a nationwide event that blends indoor climbing with the great outdoors.

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Brooklyn Boulders is proud to support organizations that are working to preserve National Parks, outdoor climbing areas, and the natural beauty of the outdoors. Our latest event partnership is with the American Alpine Club (AAC), a united community of climbers supporting healthy climbing landscapes.

The AAC has over 20,000 active members. These climbers and outdoor enthusiasts are in it for rescue benefit (crucial if you’re injured past the trailhead), inspiring publications, lively events, gear discounts, and the camaraderie and network that come with being a part of something bigger. They’re also in it to support the work the AAC does on a wider stage, lobbying for public lands protection, educational resources for all levels of climbers, and conservation and research grants.

A sense of community is integral to our experiences as climbers. Both the AAC and BKB work to foster the connections, friendships, and opportunities that create a supportive network for growth. Both of our organizations thrive because of the diversity of people who climb and contribute to the greater community. We all believe that when individuals of different backgrounds, experiences, and strengths come together, we’re all stronger. Neither AAC nor BKB would exist if it wasn’t for you: the passionate and engaged climbers who push us to do better work every day.

camp bkbx

That’s why we’ve come together to celebrate and foster that connection by hosting Camp BKB(x). This national event happening at all BKB locations combines indoor climbing with gym to crag workshops hosted by BKB Expeditions (BKBX) guides and members of the AAC. Our route setters will be recreating routes from Acadia, Red Rocks and other National Parks for you to climb and enjoy. We’ll be offering workshops on anchor systems, trad racks, rappelling, bag packing and more. For every ticket sold we’ll be donating $5 to the American Alpine Club.

At BKB Somerville, we’ll be taking it one step further and hosting a camp-over BBQ. This indoor camping experience starts off with a sunset yoga class provided by Backcountry Yoga, who provide day trips to experience yoga in nature. Workshops from BKBX are provided throughout the evening and, after some delicious BBQ dinner and brews from Sierra Nevada, we’ll settle in by the “campfire” with s’mores. Don’t forget to bring your tent, sleeping bag, and favorite acoustic instrument to join the sing-a-long before we send you off to dreamtown.

In the morning we’ll do a rise and shine yoga class with Backcountry and a healthy breakfast to ease your re-entry into reality.

camp bkbx


What are some other ways that you can help support AAC and outdoor climbing landscapes?

  • Join the American Alpine Club. Becoming a member, in addition to offering you all the wonderful benefits, will contribute to policy and advocacy work.
  • Check out the Cornerstone Conservation Grants and Research Grants. If you see a fitting way to help out at your local crag or are involved in mountain research, consider applying.
  • Learn about the Sustainable Summits Initiative, which the AAC has hosted in the past, and continues to support, in order to preserve our mountain regions.
  • Attend events like Camp BKB(x) and Craggin’ Classics, where the AAC offers stewardship project opportunities.
  • Stay tuned to AAC’s Policy Updates for more ways you can help preserve our vertical playgrounds and public lands.
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