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But the bears will be so tired!

A freakishly mild, dry Bay Area winter means only a couple things:

  • No Christmas tree burning (for fear of starting a wildfire); &
  • Yosemite in February! (what?)

Even the bears are confused, some of them still awake, ambling around like drunk toddlers, just angling to steal our Clif bars. And they’ll be so tired in the spring!

You know, or huge, having spent the winter eating moar food! instead of burning off that winter fat.

…or both tired and fat: narcoleptic roly poly bears bumbling about confusedly. A spectacle for the Korean tourists, for sure.

Anyway, climbing outside in February is great, but climate change is real, you guys. So do your part.

  • Unplug your electronics when not in use (they still sap electricity from the socket, even if the appliance is off or disconnected from the charger)
  •  Turn your thermostat down (yeah we all like to pretend we’re in tropical paradise in the dead of winter, but suck it up. Bust out your fuzzy socks.)
  •  Wash your clothes in cold water (they’ll be just as clean, I promise).
x the Mafia
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