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Brooklyn Boulders :: Deep Dream

We drop photos of Brooklyn Boulders into Google’s ‘Deep Dream’ Machine. What do rock climbing holds look like to a machine? Ashima Shiraishi? Alex Honnold? Here are the trippy results.

45 wall deep dream
Route setting becomes more of a challenge when the holds drip down the 45 wall.

You’ve may or may not have seen photos processed by Google’s ‘Deep Dream’ on the internet. In a nutshell, it essentially started as an artificial intelligence network of computers andĀ image recognition software that is used to determine what is in an image. The computers can then take images and try to ‘recognize’ it by comparing it to all of the other images it it’s database, and can even try to spit out images according to the words given.

What the Deep Dream does is take images and the the artificial neural network processes it and spits back out what it also sees in the photos. We had some fun:

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Have an awesome Deep Dream photo yourself? Instagram it and tag @brooklynboulders #deepdream and we’ll repost our favorite!

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