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Friday August 19, 2011 – Friday August 19, 2011

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We are having our second BOULDERDASH competition!

First prize is an Edelrid crash pad.

Strap on your climbing shoes and get ready for a competition unlike any you’ve seen before. On August 19th at 7pm we’ll be hosting the world’s second BOULDERDASH Climbing Competition – a contest created by our own mad scientist Ben Weaver.

The rules are simple. Our setters will select 50 boulder problems from around the gym. Each competitor will be given a different set of five of these problems within their climbing ability and the first person to send all of their problems wins. The catch is that we’re not telling you which climbs are yours. After each of your sends you’ll have to check with our judges to find out if the climb was part of your set. They might tell you that you’re one climb closer to winning – or that you’ve taken a swing and a miss!

Speed, endurance, and strategy are your best friends in this comp, and the playing field will be completely level for every competitor, whether you’re sending V2 or V12. Preregistration is required to compete. It will cost you $15 to register, and every contestant will get a limited edition BOULDERDASH T-Shirt on the day of the comp. Online registration will be open until end of day on August 18th, so don’t miss out on your chance to be part of this unforgettable event.


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