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BKBeasts Are Going To World Championships

BKBeasts Arabella and Georgia CRUSHED finals! Georgia Bank advances to youth world championships on the USA climbing team.

Georgia Banks, BKBeast climbing in the Beast at Brooklyn Boulders OG.

Georgia Bank and Arabella Walley gave their best in this past weekend’s national bouldering competition. Crushing approximately 160 other competitors in each of their categories, Arabella Walley came in 9th as Georgia Bank won 2nd place, earning a spot on the USA climbing team.

Alexi Thomakos works closely with both girls in training and competition.

“What makes Arabella so good at climbing is that …She rarely gets frustrated or complains, but instead maintains a positive and cheerful attitude regardless of the circumstances. Arabella is also a wizard at dynamic and coordinated movement. I will never forget the day she ran laps on the green V8 on the slab, which involved three quick foot switches, two precise hand movements on tiny holds, and a very precarious body position. All in the span of two seconds.

Bank will be competing at her first International Federation for Sports Climbing World Youth Championship this fall in Guangzhou, China from November 7-13th. There are 8 divisions with two regions per division.

From Left to Right: Alexi, Arabella, Georgia, Nicole

“Georgia is by far the most dedicated and motivated climber I know,” Alexi says. “Her desire to learn, train ridiculously hard, and continuously improve her weaknesses, is what sets her apart from the rest of the field. She is blessed with an innate and sophisticated understanding of movement, and her decisions on the wall are always well-calculated but also creative. It’s been a big year for her: several hard outdoor sends, first 5.10 and Friction Lab sponsorships, first Open National Competition, and 2nd place at ABS Nationals. Woah!”

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 11.14.02 AM

“This was a big year for both girls,” private coach Alexi says. “They have each attended USAC bouldering and sport climbing nationals several times, but this was Arabella’s first semi final, and final round qualification, and Georgia’s second final, and first podium. I have worked with A and G for almost 5 years. It goes without saying that I am extremely proud of the amazing climbers and people they have become.

The real question is: how is a balding, 28-year-old coach going to keep up with them?

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