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BKB x InStyle Badass Women: Featuring Mama Cāx

This video series by InStyle explores women who embody heroic and fearless qualities, who teach and inspire, and who ultimately show us the diverse paths to becoming superhuman. The video’s subject: Mama Cāx.

Mama Cāx at Brooklyn Boulders

In short, Mama Cāx is a climber, model, advocate, and certified badass.

At a young age, Cāx was diagnosed with cancer, which eventually resulted in the amputation of Cāx’s right leg and part of her pelvic bone. But cancer couldn’t stop Mama Cāx. As Cāx says, “The only way to cope [was to] start living the life that would make me comfortable, that I always dreamt of. That’s when I created Mama Cāx.”

As BKB is a crew of climbers and adventurers, we are all incredibly proud and honored to be a part of Mama Cāx’s life. She represents the absolute best of our community. She embodies a fearless perseverance and empowers us all to uphold an intense passion for life.

Mama Cāx InStyle Badass
Photo Courtesy of InStyle

We are celebrating her and her mission along with InStyle and Reebok. We are all superhuman, and we discover that together — with a whole lot of help and inspiration from the badass women in our lives.

Watch our Instagram video to see Mama Cāx climbing at BKBOG.

And check out the InStyle video to learn more about Mama Cāx.

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