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BKB is Hiring a Fitness Director

What excites you more?

The idea of getting fit with nothing more than a bucket of rice and a 10 pound kettle bell, or combining yoga with parkour, crossfit and rock climbing?


*Hint: We only want you if you love both.

**Further hint: Must also like fun, a challenge, good food and bad jokes.

Brooklyn Boulders is currently hiring a Fitness Director to oversee all aspects of of our fitness programming across multiple facilities. What in the world does that mean exactly? It means you will be charged with designing, managing, and constantly improving an entirely new genre of fitness. It means you will have the chance to excel, work autonomously and manage a team of fitness instructors. The opportunities are great, the challenges are real, and we need someone with real experience and success in the fitness industry, along with the hunger to launch a new start-up within Brooklyn Boulders.

Want in? Let us know why here:

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