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BKB Field Trips | En Garde At The Brooklyn Fencing Center

BKB Field Trips: En garde this November! at Brooklyn Fencing Center. Brooklyn Boulders Members are welcome to take this introductory fencing course November 19th.

Thursday, November 19 | 6:30PM | $40 ($70 value)

Brooklyn Fencing Center | 600 Degraw St.


We’ve got some risk-taking adventurers in our  community who aren’t afraid of experimenting. Try your hand at fencing: a unique sport, rich in history, that offers something for everyone! Like climbing, it challenges you mentally and physically in a way that few pastimes can. This 90-minute intro covers the bare-bones foundational concepts needed to get started with Olympic-style fencing.
After a short warm-up and stretching sequence, you’ll be introduced to footwork, blade work, and safety rules.  We’ll run through a few drills and wrap up the class with some bouting, where you can try your new skills against your classmates. Equipment is provided; students should wear/bring long exercise pants and athletic shoes (no jeans or sandals, please).
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