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Introducing Mandy Mei | BKB Artist Residency

Meet Mandy Mei, a multimedia artist from Brooklyn. She’ll be illustrating quotes from community members – get to know her and support the creation of more #art.

Photo by William Luperena
Mandy Mei is a graphic designer, illustrator, and photographer based in Brooklyn, New York. She spent her early childhood in Guangzhou, China with her grandparents, and learned to appreciate different cultures and languages at a young age.
She travels at least three times a year to experience the other sides of the world little by little and believes that her purpose on earth is to use her creative and language skills to make a difference in endless corners of the world through the use of art making.
Mandy Mei.
Mandy Mei. Photo by Dorian Valentine
Mandy will be working on a project that will feature hand-lettered quotes from members of our community – next time you see her, don’t be afraid to say hello!
Who are you and how did you get to Brooklyn?

I am an artist in Brooklyn who enjoys climbing and latin dancing my free time away. At random times, I will hand letter awesome song lyrics, inspirational quotes, and phrases from my friends that give me good vibes. Brooklyn is a place I call home! Nothing compares to the people, the cozy places, and night life here. Whenever I travel, near or far, I would feel homesick for Brooklyn.

How did you start climbing?

One of my closest friend Charles Thomas took me to Brooklyn Boulders in the Brooklyn location a few years ago and I instantly fell in love. Ever since then, I kept coming back and even got my belay certification!

How has climbing changed your life?

I never liked going to the gym because I thought it was boring to do repetitive exercises by myself. But, after being introduced to climbing at BKB, I realized that fitness doesn’t have to be boring! It could be different each time, filled with new challenges and new friendships from the climbing community.

Sometimes I would start a conversation with my friends to find out if they climb or not. If they say no, I bring them along with me and they always end up falling in love like I did.

What are your current biggest projects, on and off the wall?

Off the walls: I am helping with graphic design work for the Visual Arts Center of NJ and New York City College of Technology. I am working on creating/developing the identity for programs in these schools. On the walls–literally on walls–I am working on starting an international mural art project surrounding the theme of rebirth/growth. More details will come soon as it develops.. Can’t say too much right now!

Who or what inspires you?

Honestly, my friends inspire me. Seeing them do what they love makes me so happy, and encourages me to do the same for myself!

Interested in applying for our Artist Residency program? Check it out here. 

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