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BKB Artist Residency Connie Sun | Cartoons for Valentine’s Day

Check out the seventh and eighth cartoons in Connie Sun’s series for our Artist Residency program – “Climber Crushes” and “Practical Climber Valentine’s”.

Just in time for everyone’s favorite Hallmark holiday – here’s the latest from Connie Sun:

"A good climbing partner is so hard to find."
“A good climbing partner is so hard to find.”
Climber crushes are very, very tricky.
Climber crushes are very, very tricky.

Don’t miss our It Takes Two To #BKBLOVE Partner Climbing competition at our Queensbridge location tomorrow on February 14 – win some prizes and climb some problems specifically set for two people to complete.

If you have cartoon ideas, animal suggestions, or stories about BKB friendships, find me @cartoonconnie on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook, or say hi in person!

Connie Sun is an NYC cartoonist who works in higher education and draws an illustrated status message a day (Mon-Fri) on Her cartoons also appear in GoComicsAngry Asian Man, and McSweeney’s.
To learn more about our Artist Residency Program, check it out here.


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