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Behind the Scenes: BKBoo!

What did it take to create our BKBoo! photo shoot? Freshly-stripped walls, ninja-level climbing acrobatics, the perfect amount of mood lighting and a ton of gnarly, theatrical makeup.


Our photo shoot volunteers were all Brooklyn Boulders Chicago members (Matt Moy, Jennifer Saito, Oriana Oppice) all willing to donate an afternoon to the project. Initially, we were concerned by the lack of holds on the walls. BKB Chicago’s first ever citizen’s climbing competition, The Windy City Gritty, took place the Saturday prior to the street. All of the competition problems were stripped for the Open Finals.

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But come the following week, that left little for us to work with when shooting for the BKBoo! campaign. We spent the first half of the shoot testing the Open-category problems. In the end, the bare walls proved beneficial, allowing us to experiment.

And of course, we couldn’t complete the shoot without a little help from one of the most brilliant makeup artists we know, Danielle Hernandez.


Each participant received their own take on ghastly zombie makeup, bringing a brilliant and spooky aesthetic to the next level!

BKBoo! takes place THIS Wednesday, from 6-9PM.
Learn more about the event and RSVP.

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