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Boxing-Yoga to Be Balanced & Focused

Boxing Flow Yoga will focus your balance and strength for the ultimate workout. Join us for this comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach to connecting with your body and muscles with both power and flexibility!

BOXING. FLOW. YOGA. with Ahmad Mickens
Sunday July 12 | 10:00 am | Sign Up

Ahmad Mickens has created the ultimate workout: by combing boxing with yoga, Mickens builds balance between the mind and body by utilizing the best attributes of both workout styles. B-Yoga challenges your usual workout in an effective way: it will center and connect you the benefits of relating movements to breath. B-Yoga helps participants practice and hone their focus, balance, hand-eye coordination, timing, footwork, strength, conditioning, flexibility, and most of all: confidence. This is a class for those with an open mind and the courage and curiosity to try something new.
This program covers:
Essential yoga poses and stretches
Boxing stance and balance
Punching form and technique
Stamina and endurance
Breathing technique
Focused Mitt Drills (as a progression)
$10 Members
$25 Nonmembers
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