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Meet Wall Crusher Arabella Walley

Meet Arabella. Think she’s sweet? Think again– she’ll crush you, on and off the wall! Arabella tells us about climbing, and what motivates her as she competes nationally.

Best friends Georgia Banks and Arabella Walley qualified for nationals from the recent USAC Regional bouldering competition!
Meet Arabella Walley: it’s easy for people to write her off as a sweet teen, but watch out, Nationals– you haven’t seen her muscles yet.

What inspires me to climb: I’ve always loved the problem solving portion of climbing, and the satisfaction one receives when the climb is solved. When I was about 8 or nine, BKB  had just opened, so my mom thought it would be a fun idea to check it out. One trip turned into two, two trips turned into three, and eventually we were regulars. Whenever we would go to the gym I would watch my mom and other people try these hard climbs, and eventually solve them. This inspired me to do the same. 
What other sports do I participate in: Although climbing is my main sport now, I did participate in many other sports, including ballet, (for about 8 years) soccer, Aikido, sailing and track. All of which I eventually quit because I wanted to spend more time climbing.
What do I do outside of sports: I love singing, dancing, and acting, and I am a member of a junior theater troupe out in Long Island, that puts on broadway-like productions in the summer. During the summers I also work as a sailing instructor at a local yacht club, where I get to teach children between the ages of 6-12 the basics of sailing.

Who inspires me: I am constantly inspired by those who are climbing around me, but as far as professional climbers go, I am inspired by Juliana Wurm, Shauna Coxey, and Megan Martin.

Who are my heroines: Malala, because she stood up for women’s education, which is extremely important, because without education  women can’t ever hope to achieve equality.
Advice for beginner climbers: Find a way to get super psyched, and climb A LOT! Also watching world cups is a great way to learn about competition climbing, and they’re really entertaining too!

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