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Alex’s Blog #4

So I was down in Atlanta last week for training with the US National Team.  I had a BLAST!!  The first day we go in and do a little bouldering and then play capture the flag (which is the best inside a climbing gym!)  After that we start to wind down and hit the showers.  The first day of intense training was one of the hardest days for me because I’m not used to the height of the place (about 70 feet),  and trusting the belayer and stuff.  Once I get used to it I get a lot more comfortable and start onsighting stuff.  Then I tried a 5.12 that was pretty hard and took a whipper, one of many.  And it was about the same until the last day, the most intense day.  The head coach had us running laps on 5.12 and 5.11’s.  At one point I got so pumped that I couldn’t hold on anymore.  Everyone was so tired.  Then the next day everyone had to say goodbye to old and new friends and go home.

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