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Alex’s Blog #3

So how did I start climbing you may ask? Well, it was a hot summer day in september and my mother said, “Get off your lazy butt and your going to the new climbing gym!” So, I got my bike out and rode over with my mom. I checked in with Caleb and he started to teach me how to follow the tape colors. After cruising a V0, he said, “That’s to easy for you, let’s get you on something harder.” He brought me over to a V2 and started to work on but couldn’t get it. Then a lady showed me the beta then I did it. I never wanted to leave that day. That was one of the best days of my life.

The Buddha (V6/7)

My first time climbing outdoors was a great time. We showed up at the gunks after a wild car ride with Pete Juhl and Ivan Greene, we went on the Cairrage Road. After getting off the warm up boulder, I wanted to try a hard problem. Ivan told me to try The Lorax, a classic V4 that is knowed to be hard. With Vivian spotting me, I got on the boulder problem. I fell of the top out on my first go, then sent it my second go. After watching Pete send Karajo V11 , I was inspired to send more. After meeting up with my coach Mark Heal down the road, we scrambled up a couple of rocks to come to a cave with The Meaning Of Life V5/6. After seeing mark flash it, I wanted to do it. So I got on it then fell off, then the second time I sent it!

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