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Meet Our Newest Trainers: Adam & Jaasir

Incoming… we just added two new personal trainers to our roster at Brooklyn Boulders Queensbridge. Meet Adam Gallo and Jaasir Chagtai, two personal trainers with a lot of personality.

Adam Gallo & Jaasir Chagtai, our newest Personal Trainers at BKBQB.

Jaasir Chagtai was born and raised in New Delhi, India and is a FPTI certified trainer. He likes soccer, all outdoor activities, kayaking, powerlifting, kettlebell training, calisthenics, video games, travelling, motorcycles, bicycles and bass music. A true renaissance man, he also dabbles in welding,woodwork and carpentry.

“My passion for climbing started as a teenager when I had to scale the boundary wall to skip school. After that I took off to climbing trees and anything else I could find.

With no safety equipment and no real knowledge of how to climb, I began climbing scaffoldings around buildings based off of instinct and hung out on rooftops with my friends. I attended Jai Hind College of Commerce, Arts and Science in Mumbai and recently graduated from the Focus Institute in New York city.

My love for fitness began with organized sports and yoga. I moved to New York to pursue my career in the training industry. I specialize in strength and conditioning, mobility, circuit training and have been powerlifting for the last 2 years. Brooklyn Boulders has given me the opportunity to work amongst some of the brightest and best trainers in NYC so i’m here to make the most of it!

Adam & Jaasir, goofing off at BKBQB.
Adam & Jaasir, goofing off at BKBQB.


Adam James Gallo is a Mixed Martial Arts and Movement Coach with twenty years of experience, and has been a climber for four years.
“To me, a perfect day is a day where I can work with clients, do some yoga or plyometrics, boulder, do a little mixed martial arts training, manage to avoid facial stitches and flat tires, and have a nice tuna steak with cauliflower rice for dinner, then go to bed at a reasonable time.
I’ve been a fitness, mixed martial arts, and movement coach for 20 years, and was sole owner/ operator of my own gym in Greenpoint for six years before deciding to take my practice back on the road.
I’ve been climbing on and off since I was 15 years old, but caught the bouldering bug hard when I became a member of Brooklyn Boulders almost four years ago. I love and take immense pride in my work, and am beyond honored to be sharing it with a community as dope as Brooklyn Boulders.”

Say hi to Adam & Jaasir next time you see ’em at Brooklyn Boulders Queensbridge.

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