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A Personal Journey: Why I Decided to Torture Myself for BKB

The Marketing Manager for Brooklyn Boulders Somerville takes on climbing and fitness offerings to feel belonging in the community.

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Hey, I’m Abby. I’m the Marketing Manager for Brooklyn Boulders Somerville. One of my personal passions is to create a sense of belonging for those around me. Professionally, I do this by creating digital marketing content as well as inspiring, community-based events for BKB. I spend a lot of time and energy showcasing the diverse community here, but this spring I realized something. I realized I wasn’t truly representing everyone at BKB because the one person I was missing was…me.

I’m turning 39 next month and I’ve gained about 20 pounds over the last 5 years thanks to a busy schedule (okay, let’s be honest, and a big fondness for delicious cheese and wine). Despite working in a climbing and fitness facility I rarely work out, and approaching 40 has made me realize that I want to be stronger and healthier. But the idea of just walking into a fitness class full of super strong, buff people, and being so out of shape, intimidates the crap out of me.

I started to wonder how to combat those feelings, and that’s when an idea started to form.

So here I am.

I’m starting down a journey and sharing it with you. I’m putting aside my fears and signing up to take every single climbing and fitness offering at BKB and then share with you the honest truth about how I felt before, during and after.

I’m going to show you. Yes, even:


YOU out there reading this, that we all belong at BKB.

I’ll be posting weekly updates, before and after workout photos (sweaty face included), and real, honest content showing you that even though it seems intimidating, anyone can do this.

Next week: I Punched It Out

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