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A letter from our co-founders.

To our BKB community, 

During these uncertain times, it means a lot to know that so many of you care as much as we do about the wellbeing of our staff.  As we continue to determine the best solutions for our community long term, we wanted to provide an update on the measures we have enacted to date to protect our team. All of our more than 350 employees will be paid as normal through March 31st and for as long as possible thereafter. Further, we started covering 100% of our staff’s healthcare premiums and will continue to honor our industry-leading parental leave policy while our facilities are closed. To support this, the entire senior leadership team has taken immediate, substantial pay cuts.

We ask that you be patient with us. None of us have been through this before and as wild as our dreams for 2020 were, we never imagined needing to shut our doors for even a day. Like you, we are doing our best. It is not lost on us how much trust you have put in us since we opened our doors in 2009, and we will do all we can to strengthen our commitment to our community in the weeks ahead. 

In the last few days, we’ve been truly blown away by the generosity and resilience our team members have displayed as they’ve looked for ways to support one another. It’s clearer every day that we are facing an unprecedented challenge, but we are so grateful to be facing it together, and we will do everything we can to shelter our community from the storm. 

Talk soon, 

Jeremy Balboni + Lance Pinn

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