Caleb Freese + BKB Artist Collaboration

Mar 12, 2018Andrew Ching

Caleb Freese, BKB’s Climbing Education Manager and one of BKB’s very first team members, doubles as a designer, artist, illustrator, and muralist. You may be familiar with his murals and artwork from the entryways of BKB’s in every city. His work sits behind the front desk in Gowanus, along the entry hallway in Somerville, in the retail area in Chicago, and lining the front windows of Queensbridge. This winter, we partnered up with Caleb on a new medium, wearable art and apparel. Learn more about the project as we ask Caleb more about it here and make sure to swing by any of our locations to check out the sports bra and leggings before they’re gone for good (it’s a limited run!).
What’s the motivation or inspiration behind the use of urban environments and natural textures in your latest work?
In this series it’s pretty much all natural textures, flowers and plants drawn from my adventures biking, backpacking and climbing outdoors.  I believe the mix between urban environment and the natural elements (flowers and cities) happens when people wear them around the city. So the wearer provides the contrast.
How do you translate your artwork to apparel and/or wearable art?
I do pattern work in my existing art and most of my work is able to be silk screened, so it can live on whatever medium.
Will we be seeing you work in more mediums in the future?
Hopefully, doing a project with laser etching currently, would love to do more of that.  Also designed a series of beer cans for a local brooklyn brewery, so yes.
I also do lots of dog drawings:
Where can people learn more about you and your art?
My instagram: @zoooooooooom or website
Anything else you’d like to call out?
I think art should be fun, approachable and playful.  Love this project because it does all of that with a burst of color.

Interested in doing an artist collaboration with BKB? Email us at [email protected]!