Track Your Climbs One ClimbTag at a Time

Jan 02, 2018Brooklyn Boulders

Maybe you’ve seen those little ClimbTag badges on our walls lately and wondered… “what the heck are those?” Well, prepare to find out!
In an effort to bring you more ways to engage with your climbing technique, we’ve partnered with ClimbTag, a user-friendly fitness tracker and social platform specifically designed for rock climbers. Unlike other fitness trackers on the market that can only measure acceleration or altitude, ClimbTag has an integrated sensor to detect small RFID tags that are attached to the wall.

Every route at BKB now has two tags (one for start and one for finish). Tags are unique, so the tracker knows exactly which route you attempted or sent. There is no need to manually enter any information about your climb. Just bring your tracker close to a tag and the app will register the climb (route type, grade, duration, whether it was a flash, etc.). Keep track of your climbing progress and improve your climbing by getting tailored recommendations based on your climbing history and performance.

We spoke with Forrest Diamond, one of the top users of ClimbTag, about why he enjoys the product. Forrest climbs two to three times a week and hovers around V3. He mainly climbs for fun and fitness, but says it’s nice to be able to track his progress, specifically metrics like number of ascents and number of flashes.

“I mainly use ClimbTag to track my progress. There aren’t quite enough other active users at BKB for me to compete with, yet, but for me this is a good thing because admittedly I’m not good enough to compete with very many other climbers! It feels good when I get the Gym Record for a VB. I climb with a lot of people much better than me, so being able to point to a leaderboard and say things like “I’m the top Flasher at BKB” is nice.”

He’s excited to see ClimbTag user numbers grow to increase the competition stats, even if they might knock him off the board at his level.
BKB Somerville will be hosting a ClimbTag Clinic on Monday, January 8 from 6-9pm along with a week-long climbing competition starting on Monday, January 14. Grab a wristband before you climb to enter yourself in and watch the stats dashboard on our tv to see where you stack up! The highest rated climber gets a free one-month membership to BKB, along with some other great prizes.

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