A Personal Journey, Week 2: Bootcamp… Like a Camp for Boots?

Sep 21, 2017Brooklyn Boulders

The idea of going to a bootcamp class has never once crossed my mind. With bootcamps being based off of high-intensity, military recruit training exercises, my line of thinking has always been, “Why torture yourself on purpose?”  
Listen, I’ve seen G.I. Jane so I knew what was up.
(Disclaimer: I had no idea what was up).

Before taking Jeff Siegel’s bootcamp class this week, it never occurred to me that not only would I be able to complete a bootcamp class, but I’d actually enjoy myself.
Jeff bases his class around simple, yet challenging, exercises that engage different parts of the body. Participants cycled through exercises in pairs and, thankfully, I was paired with my co-worker, Laura, who understood the cycling better than I did. Because of the pairing, I only did each set of exercises for one minute at a time and I never get bored or exhausted with what could have ended up being an endless number of reps. If I had to admit a struggle, it would only be in figuring out which exercise we were supposed to cycle through next!

We jumped over blocks, did crab walks with resistance bands, carried heavy medicine balls, and even did something called “bus driver squats”–a squat involving a 15-pound, round weight, held out like a big bus steering wheel. During one set of exercises, I was attempting something that closely resembled a pushup. I knew my technique wasn’t as good as it could be, but I was too afraid to call attention to myself and ask Jeff how to improve. Luckily, he saw me struggling and instead of coming over and explaining pushups to me, he asked me if it was alright if he could advise me on better technique.
This really struck a chord with me and made me realize how well trained the instructors are at BKB. He saw that I was struggling, and he knew exactly how to approach me without making me feel like an idiot.
The best moment during the class was when Laura and I attempted to jump rope and soon realized we hadn’t jumped rope since we were, like, 12. It was so funny how something as simple as jumping rope was the hardest exercise out of the entire class, but there we were, tripping over our ropes and laughing our way through a workout. (By the way, Laura and I spent most of the class laughing at ourselves..something I’m finding to be a fun trend in BKB classes.)
Seriously, though, at one point I jogged past another woman in the class and she stuck out her hand for a high five. I realized as my hand slapped hers that I was having a really good time.
What the heck. Who AM I????
I recommend this class for anyone, at any level, who is looking for a high-intensity class that never feels boring. It happens every Wednesday at 6:15 and you might see me there!
Next week, I take on… CLIMBING.
Learn more about my personal journey.

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