An Open Letter to the BKB Community

Jan 24, 2017Brooklyn Boulders

To start, we’d like to address a common misconception that may lead to frustration: we are not just a climbing gym – we aspire to be much more than that. Climbing is core to what we do and we love it for the same reasons most do: the mental and physical challenge and its innate ability to bring diverse people together. But our vision goes far beyond a typical climbing gym. Our vision is to build and activate a space where humans can truly connect, a platform for creative and physical expression – and what the end result looks like will be largely influenced by our community.
With that being said, we’re excited to highlight our newest upgrade: renovations in our front top-roping area – if you haven’t seen the beautiful new walls and our updated Brooklyn Bridge wall, come check it out for a climb:
brooklyn-bridge-climbing-wall-2And yes, you can’t openly smear on our walls due to the light texture. It’s more than an aesthetic choice: smoother walls allow for our setting team to create problems with more intention. The limitation of where one may place their foot also forces a creative constraint and challenge for climbers (#hatersgonnasmearthough).
We’re also excited to formally announce the soft launch of a new addition to Brooklyn Boulders: a room dedicated to our team of personal trainers, Beast climbers and those seriously committed to training, named The Lair. Inside is not just a systems wall but a specially designed training room, where we also host our climbing technique classes and other skill-based sessions. This dedicated space was intentionally designed to be separate from the rest of our facility to provide an environment to train with uninterrupted focus.
Currently, we’re also soft-testing a special product that allows purchase of personal training sessions in bulk for a discount that includes complimentary open access to the space. If you’re interested in learning more and providing us with feedback, email us here.
Lastly, we read many of the comments on the Internet and appreciate the passion from our community; we just much prefer real life conversations and our Community Experience team is awesome – email them with any issue you have or even just to say hi (if you did that, they’d be stoked – just ask for Vicky or Bobby).  
We know we won’t please everyone, and often times not those who are looking for a traditional climbing gym. Our vision is to create a place to encourage the entrepreneurial and creative spirit inside all of us. We want a place that inspires people to change themselves and to change the world as they see it.
We’re for those who wake up everyday and want to express themselves in a variety of ways – for those who are training for the zombie apocalypse, dreaming of free soloing El Cap, or aiming to become a Ninja Warrior. We’re for those who are passionate about intertwining art and physical movement. We’re for those who want to conquer their fears and train themselves mentally. We’re for the youth training for Nationals, dreaming of the Olympics. We’re for those who want a place to work that’s not a coffee shop, where you can be active, to do what the human body was meant to do – play. We’re for those who want to create the world they want to live in – we’ve incubated companies and have been the starting point for many groups and startups like Brothers of Climbing, Adaptive Climbing Group, Hueco Hacienda, Urban Plastix, Flash Foxy (if you want to start your own, hit us up) and more.
We are also a business and our pricing reflects what is needed to provide our members with benefits and dynamic, diverse experiences, to pay salaries and invest in the career development of our dedicated, passionate and hardworking team members, and to be able to grow as a community.
Community is at the heart of what we do. We wake up everyday inspired by those in it and are working hard to grow opportunities for everyone to create something. We’re a platform where you can pitch any idea – to host an event (public or private), curate an art show, start a book club, host a competition, paint a mural, assemble a panel, forge a partnership or collaboration…the only limit is your imagination. We also encourage you to take any complaints and constructively turn them into ideas for a new initiative or on how we could do better – we are all ears.
So now we’re asking our community: our Brooklyn ‘OG’ location is seven years old and will continue to evolve – what do you want to see next?

  1. Systems Wall
  2. Bigger Fitness Area
  3. Improved Co-Working Spaces
  4. More Training Classes
  5. More Competitions
  6. Or Something Else…

Fill the form out here to tell us.
With #bkblove,
The Brooklyn Boulders Team

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