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Introducing Connie Sun, Cartoonist | BKB Artist Residency

Oct 24, 2016Brooklyn Boulders

We’re excited to announce that Connie Sun is our newest addition to the BKB Artist Residency program! She’ll be working on a series of cartoons about animals and climbing beta.

Cartoon by Connie Sun.
Cartoon by Connie Sun.
A note from artist Connie Sun:
I’m a cartoonist based in New York City and I’m excited to be a new artist in residence at Brooklyn Boulders. For the next 4 months, I’ll be drawing a series of comic strips on the theme of “Animal Climbing Beta,” dedicated to our personal journeys and the funny friendships we form with fellow climbers. 
The community at Brooklyn Boulders has come to mean a lot to me in a short span of time. I’m relatively new to the sport and one of the unexpected gifts of climbing has been the people I have met, who have generously shared wisdom, kindness, and beta with me. 
On good and bad days, I can always count on climbing as a safe space where I can leave stress and anxiety off to the side, off my mind. Sometimes I face them on the wall, but somehow, there’s always somebody nearby who knows my name and cheers me on when I need it most. I didn’t know when I started climbing how much I would feel uplifted by this community, both on and off the wall.
I hope you enjoy the cartoons. They are dedicated to YOU: everyone who “climbs” in every sense — reaches high, learns to fall, gets back up again, and finally sends. 

If you have cartoon ideas, animal suggestions, or stories about BKB friendships, find me @cartoonconnie on TwitterInstagramTumblr, and Facebook, or say hi in person!

Connie Sun is an NYC cartoonist who works in higher education and draws an illustrated status message a day (Mon-Fri) on Her cartoons also appear in GoComicsAngry Asian Man, and McSweeney’s

You can also check her out in this recent NY Times video, featuring Asian-Americans:



To learn more about our Artist Residency Program, check it out here.

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