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Sure, you may think your technique is solid already. But it’s one thing to think, and another thing to know. Give this quick quiz a go to see how your technique stacks up:
Mark each action you recognize from your climbs:
◊ Excessively large reaches or steps
Too slow of ascents
Banging and scuffing feet
Neglecting your footwork
Bent arms and parallel hips
Heavy-gripping and excessive exertion
Off-balance lunges/dynos
Sequencing mistakes
Arms get pumped quickly
Excessive readjustment of hands/feet
Double foot swaps instead of flagging
Failure to counterbalance
Zig-zagging instead of snapping into position
Poor use of momentum between positions
Swaying hips due to poor body tension
Excessive cutting loose (on purpose or by accident)
Slow to position feet at crux
Failure to switch grips to reduce fatigue
Deteriorating form along ascent
Those are just some of the most commonly made mistakes. No matter how many boxes you checked, even one means there’s still room to tweak that technique.
Our new class, Learn the Technique, can help you do just that. Not only will our instructors help you nail the proper technique, but also help you understand the underlying concepts behind the movements as a whole. Many of these concepts can be self-taught over time, but our technique classes are there to help wildly accelerate the process and get you climbing smarter, better, faster, and stronger straight out the gate.

Learn the Technique
4 Classes, 2 Hours Per Class
This class is designed for intermediate to experienced climbers who want to learn proper technique, learn training theories, remove bad habits, and get face-to-face with instructors whose only goal is to help you improve.
You’ll learn:

  • Appropriate terminology
  • Pre and post-climbing stretches
  • Advanced footwork and techniques
  • Training theory and best practices
  • Injury prevention
  • More about the BKB community

Ready to improve your climbing technique, make friends and network with others at the same stage in their climbing journey?

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