Meet Taylor Carpenter, Founder of STATIC Climbing #WCW

Jun 13, 2016Brooklyn Boulders

We met Taylor through Shelma Jun, BKB member and founder of Flash Foxy. Once we saw her handmade bags and artist series, we knew that we had to work with her and our favorite artist, Caleb Freese
Get to know Taylor, founder of the California based climbing company STATIC, and learn how the power of social media can connect people to make awesome things.
How did you meet Shelma? 
I met Shelma last year through one of my Ambassadors Tammy, aka @tammyfaye. Tammy and Shelma met by following each other on Instagram back when Shelma had just started the @heyflashfoxy page. Shelma use to live in June, which is only 30 minutes away from where Tammy lives in Mammoth Lakes, CA. When Shelma made her way out to the west coast, she stayed with Tammy and Tucker and the rest was history! Tammy introduced us and after a long Skype meeting and an epic festival together I consider Shelma as more than just a rad new connection, she’s a lifelong friend now. It still amazes me how social media can bring so many rad women together!

Where are you from and how did you start climbing?

Taylor Carpenter "​My first trad multi-pitch West Pillar Direct 5.10b trad. Yosemite, CA" @tammyfaye
Taylor Carpenter “​My first trad multi-pitch West Pillar Direct 5.10b trad. Yosemite, CA” @tammyfaye
I grew up surfing, snowboarding and playing soccer in Costa Mesa, California. Both of my parents always took my sister and I on outdoor adventures growing up. We weren’t allowed to have video games or watch much TV as kids, they always said go outside and climb a tree or kick a soccer ball. My dad has been a Lifeguard for Newport Beach and bio teacher, swim and water polo coach for over 40 years, so being adventurous ran in my blood.  I grew up climbing trees and door jams since there weren’t as many epic climbing gyms around 15 years ago, so I had to get creative.
All I ever wanted to do was feel that natural high that you get from being outdoors and appreciating how small we really are when you’re surrounded by gigantic mountains. It brings you back to appreciating the little things and makes all the stress of everyday life just go away.
While going to CSULB I moved up to Mammoth Lakes, CA where I really fell in love with climbing. I broke my back competing at college nationals for snowboarding and was forced to take a big break from action sports. It was right after that time, plus a really bad snow year, that a few of my friends and I started bouldering every chance we could down in Bishop, CA aka Disneyland for dirtbags. The following year after that I knocked my front teeth out skateboarding and went in for a brand new ACL and meniscus repair. I’ve never been one to let my size or gender hold me back, my parents always told me if I set my mind to it, great things will happen. After 3 traumatic injuries within a year of each other, climbing remained one of the only sports that didn’t cause me any pain and yet still challenged me more mentally and physically than any other sport and I’ve been obsessed ever since. The climbing community is one of the most unique and rare cultures of people, it is still so unchanged and pure as a sport and lifestyle and I am always thankful to be apart of it.
​My favorite thing other than climbing, riding my Harley 883 to go adventure or go climb! Joshua Tree, CA
​My favorite thing other than climbing, riding my Harley 883 to go adventure or go climb! Joshua Tree, CA
Definitely! What’s it been like to launch your own business and what advice do you have to others who want to start their own?
Launching your own business is the most mentally and physically challenging thing I have ever set out to do. From thinking of new content to managing an entire brand image, working over 100 hours a week for the last two years can definitely can cause you to wonder, “why am I doing this?!” Then I take a step back and look at the company and how incredible it is to see a brand grow because of those countless hours of lost sleep. I see how many people love STATIC and are so stoked to rock our chalk bags and that’s what makes it all worth it.
The best advice I can give someone who wants to start a company is to enjoy every part of the journey because you never know what the future holds. If you enjoy what you do then it is always worth every second and that’s my secret to being able to continue to push STATIC to grow to its full potential.
I started STATIC in April 2014 while brainstorming how I could make a difference and make an impact in the community. After four years of college and a Bachelors degree from Cal State Long Beach I thought of how much I loved climbing and then thought that maybe I could re-design a chalk bag. My grandparents gave me my first sewing machine for my birthday and I literally YouTubed how to use the machine. It took me three and a half days to make the first chalk bag and I was beyond proud of it. I showed the bag to Ray, the manager at VITAL Climbing Gym and he said if I could revise it some more he would carry a few of them. That lit a spark in me and I began putting every waking hour into modifying them. My friends would rip them apart and little by little they couldn’t destroy them anymore, which gave me the design I have today. Mind boggling dedication, thousands of hours mastering the art of sewing and the help of some incredible friends has proven that STATIC is here to stay!

Coming soon to each Brooklyn Boulders – we’re very excited to launch this collaboration with Caleb Freese, featuring his drawings that are all “hand drawn fantastical mashups of the topography and city maps of all the places I’ve lived”. Check out the entire series here and follow him on Instagram.

And, exclusive to our Brooklyn location, there will be a limited-edition chalk bag of “From Brooklyn With love”. Get yours before they’re gone!

Brooklyn With Love, by Caleb Freese. A STATIC Climbing Collaboration.
Brooklyn With Love, by Caleb Freese. A STATIC Climbing Collaboration.

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