Caleb Freese, Personal Trainer & Climbing Instructor

Apr 22, 2016Brooklyn Boulders

Meet Caleb Freese, our Brooklyn Boulders  Climbing Education Manager who is also available for personal training. He shares his passion for climbing and years of experience.

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 Climbing has brought me everything: adventures,challenges, friends, passion… naturally sharing that is fun!  
I started climbing in Smith Rocks, Oregon (pictured) in 1999, and I have been teaching, guiding and meeting incredible climbers ever since.  
My specialty is the Lead Climbing Class. I’ve taught every one at Brooklyn Boulders OG for the past seven years.
I travel across the country, certifying instructors  industrywide. Since I’m one of only about ten American Mountain Guides Association Climbing Wall Instructor Provider Trainers in the U.S.A., every instructor at BKB has been trained by me.
I love to see progress. Watching climbers surprise themselves and build confidence on the wall is exciting.  Many of my students are now ninja outdoor climbers. It’s crazy-awesome to help people achieve this. My passion transcends the physical strength that comes from climbing — I love the social and outdoor adventure aspects of climbing even more.

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