Book A Complimentary Personal Training Consultation

Apr 19, 2016Brooklyn Boulders

We’re not saying you’re not perfect, because you are.  Yet we all face our own demons (that 99 cent pizza doesn’t help, nor do those cronuts!) in empowering ourselves physically AND mentally. We’re here to help you empower and inspire yourself to reach your personal fitness goals.

Don’t let traditional notions of “personal training” stand in your way. Our training squad is stacked with expert climbing instructors, martial artists, yogis, olympic weight lifting gurus, and more. So whether you are looking to break through a climbing barrier, or achieve peak fitness, we’ve got you covered.

Start today with a 45-minute complimentary session to optimize a tailored program to achieve your future you. No gimmicks, no sneaky sales pitch, just the facts on how to become your future you. Our personal trainers will help you identify and target your weaknesses, strengths, focus your fitness goals, and have fun doing it


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