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CRUSHING ON: Say Anything

Apr 05, 2016Brooklyn Boulders

Many of us on staff our 80s babies, so it made perfect sense to create a retro prom as we dive deep into spring. And the best era for prom shenanigans? Definitely the 80s. From the pink throwback tutu-like dresses to the glittery disco balls to the love of neon colors, the 80s were a time to indulge in visual excess. In anticipation of SPRING CRUSH, we’re taking a look back at the films that inspired our latest Brooklyn Boulders Chicago signature event.

In many ways, Say Anything is the sophisticated 80s teen film. For one, most of the film’s events take place post-high school whereas most teen movies take place during the thick of teen angst-dom. The stakes seem to be higher than in any other teen film. Our protagonist, Lloyd Dobler, is nothing to aspire to: aimless and awkward, Lloyd is an outsider that prefers it that way.
And yet, like any teen that hasn’t quite gotten a good taste of the real world, he pines for the most beautiful, popular and elusive girl at his school, Diane Court. Say Anything is sort of relentless in the things it allows Lloyd to do in the name of love, and most audiences lick it up (even if now, with a keen modern eye, we can identify Lloyd’s antics as … unhealthy.)
Still, we couldn’t help but recreate the film’s most iconic scene. Instead of a trench coat, boombox and Peter Gabriel, we replaced it with a lead wall, lead rope and the awesome BKB Chicago member Shawn Sturges. Relive the memories below.


SPRING CRUSH takes place THURSDAY, April 14th from 6-8PM.
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