Community Spotlight: Laura Orcutt, Membership Manager at BKB Somerville

Mar 18, 2016Brooklyn Boulders

Who are you and how did you get to Brooklyn Boulders?
I’m Laura, originally from Massachusetts, Membership Manager at BKBS and member of the Boston Hoop Troupe. I got into Brooklyn Boulders after working in a traditional gym setting. I was looking for something more creative and enjoyed the healthy lifestyle. I thought to myself – “there must be something better out there,” and funnily enough, there was.
How did you get into hula hooping?
Actually, I was terrible at it as a kid. But back in my sophmore year of college, I was at a party and saw some girl hula-hooping with a LED hula hoop. It looked so awesome that I just went up to her and asked her a million questions about it. She sent me to, and I bought my own hoop and then taught myself how to online.
Who or what inspires you?
I’m just inspired by people doing their thing and owning it. I went to school for comparative literature and to become a teacher, but then I fell in love with hula hooping and the fitness industry. I’m proud to be doing what I love.
What’s your favorite aspect of the BKB community?
I love that it’s so accepting and non-judgemental here. The “get weird” aspect is awesome. In the traditional gym setting, people are very close minded; they didn’t really talk to each other. It’s cool how everyone comes together pretty naturally here.
Climbing has opened me to a whole new world that I didn’t know that it existed. Hula hooping is my climbing – I can relate to the climbers because of the obsession aspect. I’m just obsessed with hula hooping. It’s also a full body workout (hello, core) that is just a whole ton of fun.

Say hi to Laura next time you’re at Brooklyn Boulders Somerville, and if you’re interested in a hula-hooping workshop at BKB Somerville, give her a shout:

Interested in working at Brooklyn Boulders? We hire for passionate people who love to grow and connect with our diverse and welcoming community. See our Careers Page here.

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