March Bodyweight & Conditioning Workshops

Feb 23, 2016Brooklyn Boulders

Get flexing — we’re offering a series of three workshops where you will learn how to incorporate body weight exercises to condition the muscles for agility, range of motion, stability, power and flexibility.David will also teach gymnastic strength training and flexibility basics such as controlled sliding to front split from standing. These ninety minute workshops will help you gain strength, increase mobility and learn a new set of skills that will have a deep impact on your climbing.
$14 BKB Members
$28 Non-members (includes day pass)Each workshop is limited to 10 participants, so click above to register now to claim your spot.

Hip Strength & Mobility: Starting with the feet and calves we’ll explore both subtle and explosive leg movements working our way into glute/ham strength and mobility along with balanced hip flexor and quad exercises.
Core Strength:  Practitioners who follow these core exercises will notice they last longer in individual workouts, recover faster, move more efficiently and are less injury prone compared to peers who fail to condition their core.
Shoulders: Exercises that train the shoulder as it was mean to be used building scapula strength in protraction, retraction, elevation and depression.  Although the shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body, imbalances and lack of proper mobility training often rob athletes of their potential mobility, the exercises introduced will lead to great strength and mobility and help relive joint pain due to imbalances.
David McManamon began gymnastic strength training in December 2009 and soon added flexibility training followed by aerial arts in 2011.  He currently teaches bodyweight strength & mobility and performs aerial straps.  You can find more information about his training and teaching and performing over the last two years at:

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