Just In: NEW Fitness Equipment at BKBQB

Feb 03, 2016Brooklyn Boulders

We just got hundreds and hundreds of pounds heavier with our new #bkbfit equipment, featuring…
3 Benches
2 Treadmills
1 Bicycle
2 Erg Rowers
1 Ski Eeg
2 Multi-Purpose Squat/Deadlift/Bench Press Machines
Kettlebells & Dumbbells
2 Plyo Boxes
1 Cable Crossover Machine
Medicine Balls & Stability Balls
Dip Bar
Battle Ropes
2 Olympic Bars
Over 1000 pounds in Dumbbell plates
Jump Ropes
Foam Rollers
bkbqb new fitness equipment
And we’re not done yet. Still coming soon: a heavy bag, exercise tubing, gymnastic rings, TRX and more.
Want to make the best of this new new and start climbing harder? Schedule a personal training consultation with one of our kickass personal trainers today.

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