Cutters Performs At Brooklyn Boulders for Just Friends

Feb 03, 2016Brooklyn Boulders

Self-prescribed “survival punk” band Cutters consists of four lively dudes from Long Island and Queens. John Luther plays the drums; Michael Strianese slaps that bass; Brian Deodat jams on the guitar, and Pierce Lightning owns vocals (the front person’s name alone will shuttle them to success!). Featuring longing lyrics seeped in nostalgia, Cutters presents a perfect amount of sensitive angst and rough punk.


Survival is hard. You’ve got to do something to survive.
CUTTERS was born out of that idea. The idea that you’re more than the chunks of you that life poisons. The idea that the only way to reclaim some small semblance of yourself is to actually
d o s o m e t h i n g.
Because we want to survive.
It’s why we pack ourselves into vans and travel to strangers basements. It’s why we spend our last few dollars on someone else rather than ourselves. Punk rock is about caring, for other people, other places, other spaces and every road in between because we’re all in it for the same damn thing. We’re all longing for a sense of belonging. A reminder that we aren’t alone. We’re all just trying not to die.
So come on.
Get up. Get out. Get psyched.
There’s a basement waiting.
You might fall in love tonight.

How do climbing and music come together for you? Do they influence each other? 

Mike-  Both these lifestyle choices bring people together to enjoy shared interest. Climbing stresses out my fingers which actually makes playing music difficult. Both of these hobbies have me setting goals for myself.

Brian- There is a natural rhythm in the sport of climbing. Breathing, pacing, and fluidity. I suppose the music I listen to while climbing influences how I approach a climb.
What do you listen to when you climb? 
Mike- The Growlers, Real Estate
Brian- I like listening to sludgy stuff, bands like Electric Wizard
14057_798503130245532_8255301523634839549_n (1)
Do you have a Valentines Date? 
Pierce/Brian/Mike/John- YES! Each other, because we are playing a show that night!
What’s your romance M.O.?
Pierce- Having a mission objective makes it seem like some sort of strange goal. I mostly just play it by ear.
Brian-  Don’t really have any true objectives at the moment.Just enjoying people’s company I suppose.
How is your Tinder career? 
Brian/John/Mike- None of us use it.
Pierce- I have been almost entirely unsuccessful when using Tinder. I mostly just like trying to find my friends on it!
Do you believe in falling in platonic love?
Pierce- Sure. That can be a thing.
Brian- Yeah I believe so, I’ve got that for some close friends. I do believe that things have a tendency to escalate though, feelings aren’t so easy to control.
Where do you find your love interests?
Shows and bars mostly!

Read about Cutters on their blog, or connect with them on Facebook. You can listen to their music on Bandcamp.
Join us on Friday, February 12 for BKB’s Just Friends Valentines celebration where Cutters will be playing live at 7PM!

Buy a ticket today!


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