Augmented Reality Climbing

Feb 02, 2016Brooklyn Boulders

As featured in Wired

augmented reality climbing

To innovate means to challenge expectations; to take the established and push it in unforeseen directions. The successful innovator often produces something incredibly inspiring, almost like a dream made reality.
With that, allow us to introduce Jon Cheng.
Jon is a Brooklyn Boulders Somerville Member, the founder of Randori, and the creator of Time Trial, the world’s first augmented reality climbing game.
We could go on and on about Time Trial and how we envision this amazing technology playing out in our near future, with tremendous potential in climbing, fitness, and competition realms. Or how Time Trial is just one of many games that Jon is currently developing. But it’s best to simply watch Jon’s creation in action.
Prepare to have your mind blown.

Test out Time Trial for yourself at our monthly fitness event, Savage Games, and during monthly Community Nights.

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