FIT TIP: Self study with Clare Crowley

Jan 07, 2016Brooklyn Boulders

FIT TIP is a weekly blog series in which members of our Personal Training and Yoga teams provide tips to help you improve your fitness routine.


Creating a physical discipline practiced the same time everyday.
I train for my fights at the same time everyday. If my practice is sluggish or I’ve plateaued, I reflect on my choices I made the previous day. I can usually pinpoint my sluggishness to a later dinner or a meal that was not so fuel friendly. Treat your physical self as you would a high-performance machine. Be curious and study what choices make you excel and those that keep you on a hamster wheel. Your power to change and grow is in your attention to detail of every move you made yesterday. Namaste.


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Clare Crowley is the Head Yoga Instructor of Brooklyn Boulders Chicago.

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