Josh Greenwood: Pro Slackliner

Dec 29, 2015Brooklyn Boulders

When did you first slackline? 

I was introduced to Slackline when I was in college at a rock climbing gym in Colorado.

Why do you love slacklining? 

I love Slackline because it is one of a few sports that challenges you both physically and mentally. Also it is a sport where you can always learn something new no matter how long you have been doing it. It is not just about the tricks you can do, but about the length or height of the line you can walk. Or sometimes just how long you can balance!

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What other sports/ recreational activities do you partake in? 

I also love rock climbing and I did gymnastics for many years.

If you could choose three phrases encapsulating “Sh*t Slackliners Say”, what would they be? 

“That trick was super dabbed out.” “This webbing is super soft! I love it!” “Slacklife”

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How long have you been slacklining? 

About 6 years.

What are the benefits? 

Great full body workout, especially for the abs and shoulders. Mental health and focus. Balance (of course) that translates well into other sports and activities.

What are your best slacklining tips? 

Hands up high, breath, and no need to be too serious, have fun learning how to walk again!

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How do you train balance off the slack line? 

Put a piece of tape or rope down on the ground in a straight line and balance on that. Also try balancing on objects you find while walking around in the city. There are more than you think!

How else do you train to get better on the slackline? 

Rock climbing is great for slacklining because it uses similar muscles in your body. Also yoga and gymnastics.
Which came first: slacklining or stunting? 

Slacklining came first
How did you first get into being a stuntman? 
I am an actor, so the stunts I do are a supplement to that work
What kind of training or routine workout do you use as a stuntman? 
Lots of Slackline and rock climbing. Also Yoga and gymnastics with healthy eating
How would you best describe your lifestyle? 

Well I do a lot of different things and am always on the move, so I like to keep things healthy, new and interesting.

What are common misconceptions about slacklining?

I think the most common misconception about Slacklining is that it is a lazy sport, that people with nothing better to do, do in the park in between drum circles on the quad haha. In reality, it is a physically and mentally demanding sport that people do in many different countries. It is a global sport with professional athletes that continue to expand its possibilities everyday.

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