#WhyBKB: Reason # 3

Dec 10, 2015Brooklyn Boulders

We Are Diverse!

Especially in the backdrop of Brooklyn and its rapid urbanization and consequent gentrification , none of us are strangers to self-segregation: meet up with people who share your interests; date friends who are already friends of your friends; hang out with people that ‘make sense’ for you: those with the same backgrounds, whether it be historic, socioeconomic, or ethnic.

As push marketing on the net makes it easier to narrow down our lives into categorical preferences, ‘likes’, and ‘who we follow’, the need for a physical space where people can spontaneously connect without a screen or a filtered search is now quite novel and magical. Where else in New York would you be able to chill in a place where everyone’s wildly different passions, lifestyles, talents, and goals bring them together because of how different they are?

Beta isn’t good if it’s the same, and style is boring if it’s the same– and damn, have we got some style here at Brooklyn Boulders. 

So That’s Reason #3 for Why BKB: We Are Diverse!

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