Adaptive Climbing Group

Paraclimber Philippe Ribiere at Brooklyn Boulders

Dec 07, 2015Brooklyn Boulders

Tuesday, December 15th | 6PM | Free
We’ve always loved climbing because everyone can climb– whether it’s at a slower or faster pace, or even with different tools, limbs, and skills at their disposal. Philippe Ribiere will be sharing with our Brooklyn Boulders community how he’s found climbing and how climbing has changed him.
Ribiere’s incredible history will inspire you beyond problems on a wall– how he’s overcome his personal and life-long physical challenges; how he confronts society’s norms about what a person with a handicap *can* or *cannot* do; and what he aspires to become even in the face of these challenges– as well as how he’s succeeded thus far.
Join us for an evening of awe-inspiring strength, determination, and perseverance! Ribiere will be leading a climbing clinic with the Adaptive Climbing Group after his talk this evening.
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