Community Spotlight: Kade Diakite, BKB Team Member

Dec 02, 2015Brooklyn Boulders

Who are you and how did you get to Brooklyn?
Name is Kade (pronounced KD, think Kady from Mean Girls; we go through the same struggle). I live in the Bronx so Brooklyn was a foreign place to me for a long time. I met one of my really good friends Franny (many of you know her) in college and she took me climbing at BKB, which got me to Brooklyn for one of the first times ever.
How did you start climbing?
The first time I ever climbed was in an indoor gym at Dartmouth college; simple small walls, nothing too exciting to get me to do it again. It wasn’t until I started working with the kids at BKB during camp that I actually came to the realization that rock climbing was an actual sport. They kept asking me for beta on climbs I didn’t know about so I did what any adult would do in front of kids & acted like I knew what I was talking about. They forced me up the wall & I’ve been climbing ever since.
kade climber
What’s your climbing philosophy?
Dance on the wall. I used to dance as my form of exercise in college & climbing replaced that after I graduated; I took everything I learned from dance & applied it to climbing. Before I get on the wall I may plan out my movements like a climber, but once I get on the wall I try to move with as much ease & control as possible to send the climb. You have all these pieces you have to put together, a small adventure developing bit by bit and an evolving sense of how it might turn out. Once you finally complete it, you congratulate yourself and others for the masterpiece they’ve performed.

What are your biggest current projects, on and off the wall?
No current projects on the wall! I haven’t had much time to boulder but I’ve been killing it on the ropes flashing 10Ds left & right. I need to work on my finger strength though because by the time I start climbing 11As my fingers start to cramp up. I do have to shout myself out for sending my first V5 on the 30 a few weeks back; after I got past what I knew was the most difficult move I silently screamed in my head, then calmly came down the wall like it was no big deal. Now that I’ve completed that my new goal is to get 5 more in by the end of the year while working on V6s just for fun, aiming for getting better technique of course.

Off the wall I’ve been struggling to find a new hobby. Over the summer I set myself up to travel more and go to as many concerts/festivals as my body & mind could handle and I have to say it was an amazing summer. However, now that that is over my idle mind cannot take the boredom, so if anyone has any awesome hobbies they want to throw my way please do. I grew up with 5 younger siblings so I thrive on being busy & learning new skills.

What inspires you?
I find inspiration everywhere. The conversations I’ve had over this summer alone has got me thinking about changing the way I handle certain things in my life. I’m also inspired by risk. Starting something I have no idea how to finish, witnessing people trying to go for something they’ve never tried before; anything that has the potential for failure (but obviously not complete disaster) gets my creativity flowing.
How long have you been part of the BKB community & what’s your favorite part about it?
I’ve been a part of the BKB community for about 3 years & I have to say the people that I have met are what truly make this place what it is. We draw in so many different people from all over who do various jobs. The reason most of us vibe so well is because we have similar likes, we thrive on each others adventures & learn so much from everyday conversations the relationships just form so naturally – who could ask for more?

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