Announcing USA Climbing New England West Bouldering Regionals at BKBQB!

Dec 02, 2015Brooklyn Boulders

We’re extremely excited to host USA Climbing New England West Bouldering Regionals at BKBQB this year! Note: we will be CLOSED for the day for the competition. Check our 2015 Holiday Schedule here for our hours. 
To help this event run, we are in need of volunteers!
Help out the kids? Check.
Free coffee & snacks? Check.
Free day pass back to BKBQB? Check.
Prime viewing of the Northeast’s strongest kid crushers? Check.
SIGN UP TO VOLUNTEER HERE & more information on the schedule is here.
**NOTE** Starting Monday, December 7th, we’ll be shutting down bouldering walls in order to set for the competition. The following walls will be OPEN: 

-The Traverse Wall
-The Back of the Pineapple
-Setter’s Closet Wall
Top roping will remain open!


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