Meet Megan Densmore: Conquering Chronic Illness

Oct 28, 2015Brooklyn Boulders

Megan also has struggled with chronic illness for a large part of her life – her accomplishments today once seemed impossible. But with a change of diet and routine fitness workout, Megan is a hardworking, busy multipreneur who doesn’t let her internal illness stop her. Meet Megan Densmore, new to the BKBQB community.
Who are you and how did you get to New York?
Long story short; I am an actress. I work primarily in voice over for radio and television commercials and theatre and am preparing to take on more on camera work in film and television. I moved to NYC from LA where I went to acting school because my best friend had moved here and I always wanted to give New York a shot! 7 years later and I am still here…sometimes I really miss my home state of Oregon though!
How did you start climbing?
I grew up in Oregon and had the good fortune of working at an outdoor store during my first summer after starting college. I made friends with a bunch of experienced climbers while working there who taught me how to climb outdoors in beautiful southern Oregon that summer.
megan densmore climber
What is Kettlebell?
Kettlebell sport is still considered to be an emerging sport despite the fact that people have been lifting kettlebells in eastern Europe for centuries. The first official competition was held in Russia in the 80’s I believe but don’t quote me on that. We can find out! I am one of the most decorated lightweight American females in the sport in an event called long cycle. You can see me at the US Nationals two years ago lifting a 20kg kettlebell:

Can you tell us more about chronic illness, and why it’s important to create awareness around this widespread ‘invisible illness’?
I have an illness called fibromyalgia that I was diagnosed with when I was 13. I manage my illness 100% naturally through supplementation, diet, exercise and alternate treatment modalities like acupuncture and stress management protocols like meditation. I am producing a documentary right now about fibromyalgia and other ‘invisible illnesses’ in order to increase awareness about these conditions. They are classified as invisible because the people dealing with these illnesses experience symptoms that aren’t outwardly visible to others. Other conditions that fall under this umbrella are MS, lyme, chron’s, lupus, RA, etc.
It’s important to create awareness around these illnesses because they are everywhere. Every single time I share my story with anyone they can think of 2-3 or even more people that they know who have been affected in some way by chronic invisible illnesses. The most important takeaway is that we never know what other people are dealing with unless we ask them and many issues are invisible to the naked eye. We strive to increase compassion and connection around something that is affecting millions in the US alone.
I’m not really an outlier although I am probably in the minority in that I choose to manage my symptoms effectively through 100% nutrition and lifestyle changes. Climbing fits in as an amazing supplement for my competitive sport as it helps with forearm and grip strength. It also helps me increase my ability to take risks in my life and be fearless. I am actually afraid of heights!

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