Community Spotlight: Youth Coach & Counselor Jack Steele

Oct 07, 2015Brooklyn Boulders

As a community, we see a lot of familiar faces around the facility: Jack is one of them. A leader in patience and a master at working with kids, Jack has continued to improve and exemplify our BKB Adventure Days and summer programs as he forges meaningful and encouraging relationships to impact youth lives in a positive and creative way.


Summer Adventures continues with BACK TO BKB: a review of this past summer’s fun, games, and art projects on October 11 from 12-3pm. Come meet Jack and bring your kids back for a free day of climbing, food, showing off their new moves, friends, and problem solving skills. We’ll also be screening our “Watch Me Clip, Watch Me Belay” music video– produced, performed, and created by our BKB Kids!
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